The Only Solution That Promises Safety From Opiate Overdose For A Year!

A Breakthrough..........

It is with some pride that we announce the availability to United States residents, for the first time, of the O'Neil Long Acting Naltexone Implant or "OLANI", from Australian addiction expert, DR. GEORGE O'NEIL, at our America's base in the Bahamas.

Dr. O'Neil's implant is a break-through product. It is substantially longer acting - plus or minus a year typically - and it delivers a more constant, spike-free, flow of naltrexone than contenders made in Europe, Asia and the United States, be they daily, monthly or bi-monthly in duration. This is very important because it is these spikes which cause untoward side effects, including nausea, headaches, anxiety and depression. No such side effects are experienced with the OLANI.

In clinical trials undertaken in Australia, more than 90% of opiate addicts were clean after 9 months, and 77% of alcoholics were not drinking at all after 6 months, with the remainder drinking only one or two drinks at a sitting.


These results are dramatically better than those achieved by any other protocol available in the States.

Clinical trials leading to FDA Approval in the United States were agreed in August 2018, with one of it's most prestigious research institutions, Columbia University. For strategic reasons trials will feature 6 month periodicity using less naltrexone than is typically used by the Naltrexone Implant Center or Dr. O'Neil.

Funding is now in place. The US Government (NIDA) has put up the money...

Forms of approval for the OLANI have already been established in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands and The Bahamas.



provides addicts with the promise of staying clean for a year, of minimal cravings, in short, a return to a normal life.



We know about opiates and opioids.


Once someone has experienced the extraordinary power of opiates to address pain issues, be they physical or psychological, there exists no way back. It is knowledge that can never be unlearned.

The road from addiction to sobriety is hard and long, where the road in the opposite direction is short, easy and increasingly deadly, in this the age of fentynal.

Maintenance drugs, particularly buprenorphine, have some advantages over street opiates when it comes to overdose risk. But they are the same in terms of side effects -  chronic constipation, sexual dysfunction, heavy withdrawals and so on; also they leave an individual firmly positioned in the opiate world, where oxycodone and heroin still rule.

Against this background we have for some years been excited by the potential value of naltrexone. Natrexone is a full opiate antagonist, meaning it completely blocks the effects of opiates. It also has proven extremely helpful for those with alcohol issues. It is approved by the FDA in oral (Revia) and injectable (Vivitrol) forms for opiate and alcohol applications.


Currently there are a number of naltrexone delivery possibilities available in the United States, but none of them operate in full action for more than two months - it's not enough! 

The OLANI changes that dynamic completely……….