Cleaning Living

After having an OLANI implant cravings disappear and optimism rules. The important next step is to have an action plan that makes gains last. 


Change Your Circumstances

  • Everything possible must be done to distance yourself from the environment you inhabited as an addict.

  • Start thinking and acting before you come for your therapy if you can.

  • Look at moving cities or suburbs.

  • Consider a stay with a distant relative for a few months.

  • Change careers or jobs.

  • Take a long holiday.

  • Volunteer abroad.

  • It sounds radical.

  • It is radical, but that’s what’s needed.


If, after giving alternatives the most serious and imaginative consideration you can, you still decide that you have to return to your previous locale and work, then at very least purge your life of all evidence of your habit. That definitely includes getting rid of the emergency supply and all the paraphernalia. It also means changing your social circle. And changing where you hang out. You must get a new phone number and email address. Ruthlessly delete Facebook contacts, or better, stop facebooking altogether!



Hook in to Natural Highs

  • Everything we find enjoyable, including drugs and alcohol, produces a burst of neurotransmitters, that then hit one of the brain's pleasurecenters, called nucleus accumbens. The trick is to develop a series of interests that create natural highs that can replace the artificial ones that used to be your style.

  • In general, drugs, or alcohol, serve two purposes. They are used to cope with emotional stresses and they act as substitutes for something lacking. Different natural highs have similar abilities.

  • Exercise and meditation are both extremely helpful in handling stress.

  • Exercise, best of all vigorous exercise, produces a natural opioid and a natural cannabinoid, that encourage relaxation and create a sense of euphoria both.

  • Meditation increases serotonin production, exactly like a number of drugs of abuse. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to depression, obesity and insomnia.


For experiences that mimic the level of euphoria created by opiates, the closest is orgasm, with the massive relief following a perceived dangerous activity coming a near second. Extreme sports work very well in this context. 


Build a New Network

  • It’s very clear how important it is to break ties with as many people who were associated with your habit as possible. It is equally important to build a new support group.

  • We also recommend that you join a local group, even if you have not had much success with them before.


Keep in Touch

The Naltrexone Implant Center offers continual counseling support via Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook.